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This is a collection of examples and recipes for the sourmash software, for fast genomic and metagenomic sequencing data analysis.

sourmash can quickly search genomes and metagenomes for matches; see our list of available search databases.

sourmash also supports taxonomic exploration and classification for genomes and metagenomes with the NCBI and GTDB taxonomies.

The paper Large-scale sequence comparisons with sourmash (Pierce et al., 2019) gives an overview of what sourmash does and how sourmash works.

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Example: install sourmash

Example: create a signature by downloading and sketching a genome sequence

Example: download and search 66,000 GTDB genomes with a query genome

Example: create a metagenome signature from shotgun sequencing reads

Example: analyze a metagenome using 66,000 GTDB genomic representatives

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